Wine and Port

1963 Wine and Port

1963 Wine Vintage Report

1963 Italian :

The Italian 1963 wine vintage was hampered by wet weather and is generally considered to be a mediocre vintage for Italian wines from Piedmont and Tuscany. Quality Italian reds such as Barolo and Brunello are most likely to have longevity.

1963 Bordeaux :

The 1963 wine vintage was a very poor for Bordeaux wines. The winter was harsh. The spring weather did little to promote successful flowering, and the weather throughout summer was cold and damp right through to September. Rot was a continual issue throught the region.

1963 Vintage Port :

1963 vintage ports are the benchmark against which others are compared. The Vintage is considered to be legendary! Anyone born in 1963 has a wine for life. with Cockburn Croft, Dow, Fonseca, Graham, Quinta do Noval Nacional, Taylor, Warre standing out amongst a uniformly excellent field. The combination of a near-perfect growing season and temperate weather during the harvest made for a benchmark vintage. Nearly all the shippers produced supremely balanced well-structured wines for a full-on declaration. 1963 vintage port never fail to impress with their essential three components of fruit, tannin and elegance. Almost always appear to be younger than they really are.

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1963 Amarone della Valpolicella

This wine is made from grapes harvested in various vineyards located on hills in the Valpolicella zone (Mezzane and Tregnago hills). Different sources
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1963 Barolo

Barolo is one of the great wines of Italy's northwestern Piedmont region. The 1963 Barolo is predominantly made from the nebbiolo grape which instills longevity into the wine.
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1963 Chateau Latour

Upper Shoulder - Good label
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1963 Chateau Yquem

We quote from the tasting notes of greatbordeauxwines.com tasting in 2005
"Château d’Yquem 1963 87 points
Tasted in April 2005. Brown like cola. Aromas of mocca, burnt coffee beans and caramel.
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1963 Royal Oporto

The colour of barley sugar. A faint smell of caramel on the nose. Quite thick and sweet in the mouth. Lots of barley sugar, brown sugar and burnt toffee over the top of bitter orange.
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